8 Open Source SEO Python Tools On Github

Before we move on and give you a list of open-source SEO tools written in Python language, we believe you are: 

  1. Passionate about automation for SEO. 
  1. Python lover (a programming language). 
  1. Acquainted with coding. 
  1. SEO pro. 

Things we checked before picking up any tool: 

  1. Code is well documented. 
  1. Python is the major language used. 
  1. It is simple to use. 
  1. Code is available on Github 

With these things clear, here’s a list of open-source SEO python tools for you. 

1. Python SEO Analyzer

This is a website auditing tool. According to its author, it crawls the site and warns about any technical SEO issue. This is easy to use the tool. Go ahead and give it a try. 

2. Django SEO 

If your website is in Django framework then this tool provides some utilities that can help you with SEO for Django websites. You can read its documentation here

3. SEO Audit Toolkit 

We think you would love this one. It has a bunch to SEO tools combined together in one app. It enables you to perform SEO, security, lighthouse audit and more. The user interface is also clean. Go ahead and give it a try. 

4. Google Rank Tracker 

The job of this tool is clear. It enables tracking your keyword rankings. Good for those who cannot afford to go for enterprise-level keyword tracking. 

5. SERP Scraper 

This one is quite useful. It allows you to extract the title, meta description, etc of the search engine results page. Quite good for research purposes.  

6. Keyword Mapper 

This maps your keywords to the pages of the website. This does it automatically and can potentially save you hours of manual work. 

7. SEO Python Analyzer 

I know we already listed one tool for auditing but there’s one reason I like this tool. It crawls the site (unlimited URLs), performs audits and gives back all the issues and details in an excel file. This can be quite useful. Go ahead and give it a try as it is simple to use. 

8. Google Search Console Wrapper 

Struggling to use Google Search Console API. Here is a simple way to use that. It is a wrapper that allows you to use Google Search Console API in an easy way and get the data like queries, impressions, etc. 

Alright for now this is it. We will keep updating this list if some good tools show up and if you think we missed some then please mention in the comments below. 

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