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Search Engine Code serves resources to the people who are either experts or are just looking to start their SEO journey. Advertising with us involves publishing your article on the website with promotional materials/links and sharing the article with our social media audience. Here are a few things you need to note before you send us a promotional article.


  1. The minimum word length of the article should be 900 words.
  2. You can dedicate on parahraph to the promotional content.
  3. You can include links into your article.
  4. Your article will stay at the top of the homepage for one week.
  5. We expect you to send us your author bio with your social media links.
  6. Also, please send your picture (your awesome picture)


You can reach out to our editor directly at editor.searchenginecode@gmail.com

We typically reply within 4 – 8 hrs, please check your spam folder if our mail doesn’t end up in your inbox