SEO in 2022

The Internet is flooded with websites. Every day, thousands of websites launch all across the globe. And all these websites call for the undivided attention of internet users. 

Have you ever analyzed how certain business websites rank higher as soon as you type a keyword? Let us understand this with a help of an example:-

For instance,  a user search for a flocked Christmas tree in Canada. He/ She will write “Flocked Christmas tree in Canada” and this is a keyword. As soon as you enter this, you will see the result as (check image):-

The SEO team of Walmart has targeted this keyword so that the user can discover them easily. They have worked on this specific keyword for visibility. Search Engine Crawlers have a major role in this. 

Search Engine and its crawlers 

The search engine uses a web crawler to crawl to the updated web pages. It indexes and maps each website.

So, how can you make yourself visible on search engines? Simply, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For instance, you have a WordPress website. You can employ SEO plugins for this. 

Else, you can also take WordPress help from a good team. They will have experienced and professional SEO experts. Since they have experience in giving services to different companies of vivid domains, they can adeptly handle things. 

Let’s know more about SEO. 

What defines SEO?

SEO boosts the visibility of the company.  As an outcome, these measures encourage more customers to visit your website. 

If you ask what SEO exactly is, we will simply term it as a strategy. Search Engines look for elements like keywords, title tags, etc. It also gives significant importance to the design, structure, user behavior, etc. These factors help to find out how high your site should be ranked in SERPs.

SEO mainly encourages two things- Visibility and Rankings. But how? Let’s read how SEO works.

Role of Google Algorithms and SEO

The algorithms of Google are a complex system. It is employed for data retrieval from the search index. It displays the best possible outcomes when a user raises a query. 

Earlier, Google used to just make a few updates to its algorithms. It has shifted completely. Now, it makes thousands of updates each year.  Some of the updates are so minute that it gets completely unnoticed. 

For instance, Google released the latest update on July 27, 2022. It gave the guidelines to write high-quality and superior product information. This was specifically passed on for the eCommerce sector. 


If you are from an eCommerce sector and do not adhere to this guideline, you are out of the race.  Similarly, there are many updates that you must closely watch.

It is a harsh and cold truth that many businesses face an uphill battle on the internet because of this. Working on it will drive more traffic to your company’s website.

So, if you are planning to launch a website, please ensure to work as per Google’s guidelines. 

How does SEO work?

SEO works with three things to increase website visibility and ranking of content. They are:

  • Optimization of content 
  • Earn inbound links, and 
  • Conduct keyword research

Once a search engine crawls and indexes a web page, you will see results on the SERP. SEO efforts can take a lot of duration to fully come to one’s attention. 


Search engines use rankings to determine where to position a business page in the SERP. It starts from the (0) zero positions to the final digit of search engine results. The rank of a web page might change because of the competition in the SERP. It can also change due to modifications in search engine algorithms.


Visibility defines how widely a certain domain is recognized in the search engine results. Higher search visibility occurs when a domain is visible for numerous relevant search queries. In contrast, the opposite happens with lower search visibility.

Higher and lower search visibility delivers the main SEO objectives. The objectives are “Domain Authority” and “Traffic.”

How can you build an SEO strategy?

A successful SEO includes on-page and off-page strategies. On-page strategies use keywords based on intent. Off-page strategies include inbound links earned from other sites.

A strong SEO strategy has three key elements. The elements are described below:

1. Technical Setup

The search engine includes three things for website ranking. They are:-

  • Discovering your pages on the web
  • Scanning of pages to apprehend topics and recognize keywords
  • Adding the pages to its index

In this way, the search engine algorithm works and will show your site for suitable queries.

It appears simple but it is not easy for Google. A web page appears different for you and the search engine. The search engine views it as text. But for you, it is a collection of text, colors, links, etc.

If a search engine cannot render any elements the way it is automated, your business website may remain invisible.

That’s where the technical setup comes in. It makes you sure that Google easily scans and indexes your pages and site.

2. Content

You look for content every time you utilize a search engine. You get content in different forms on Google. You can watch it in the form of video, or read it in the form of content or business listings, etc. 

But it should be apt as per the 

All these are content. They help SEO to gain greater search visibility.

3. Links

There are two factors without which no web page ranks. These factors are “Authority”  and “Relevance”.

The technical setup and content focus mainly on improving the relevance. On the other hand, links focus on authority.

Core things that you must focus upon for SEO:-

  • Simple URL structure
  • Page Speed
  • Broken redirects
  • Dead links
  • Robot txt.files
  • Sitemap
  • Duplicate content

Finally, the algorithms of search engines are evolving continually. Hence, you must stay on top to position high on SEO. You must focus on keywords clusters, search intent, structured snippets, etc. 

We hope that this write-up may help you to stay ahead of the curve. 

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