How To Track Keywords Automatically in Google Sheets? Simple Way!

Needless to say, most of the SEO work relies on keyword rankings. And if you are here then I don’t need to explain why tracking keywords is important and why you need to automate that because you already know that.

So, without talking much about unnecessary stuff, I will go directly into what I want to teach you today. How to track keyword rankings in Google Sheets. And it does not involve any complicated stuff, I will keep it simple yet effective, trust me.

Alright, let’s get straight into this.

Head over to

What do these guys do?

They provide various APIs for scraping Google Search Results (hope I am being correct with my wording here).

As a smart kid would figure out, you would want to signup/register there.

After you sign up, you would land on their plan and hit subscribe.

After verifying your email, you would go to your Serpapi dashboard where you will find your private API key.

Copy that API key. 

We are already done with most of the work here.

Open up this Google Sheet and copy it.

Fill up the fields as per your requirement. But since I need to make this blog post a bit longer, I will let you know what each field is supposed to be.

Enter Domain: Enter the domain you want to track rankings for (without HTTPS and www and whatever). Just the domain. 

Enter Location: You need to fill it with the country code where you want to check keyword rankings. 

Your API Key: Paste the key that Serpapi gave you.

Google Domain: Google domain on which you need to check rankings.

Device: Keywords on Mobile or Desktop?

Now paste your keywords and hit the Go arrow. 

And….let the sheet (or the script that I wrote, to be specific) fill up columns with keyword rankings, ranking URLs, SERP titles and meta descriptions. You were not expecting the last two ones, were you?

That’s it. 

If you are curious, like me, you can open up the script editor in Google Sheet and figure out how I wrote the script and then maybe you can add up your own features (ahem!). Let me know when you do.

Thanks & Bye.

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