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Why Do You Need SEO Tools

SEO tools are very important. In SEO, you will be doing a lot of stuff together. You will be looking for SEO errors in the website, you will tracking your keyword rankings, you will be monitoring your backlinks as well as your traffic and much more stuff.

If you do these things manually then it will take you a lot of time and will consume your resources. So, it is important to delegate these tasks to technical SEO tools and web apps so that they can do it for you.

There are countless online SEO tools meant for some specific purpose. There are some important processes in SEO and we will talk about those processes and the tools you will require for them. Only the important ones.

1. Website Audit Tools

Website audit comprises looking for SEO errors in your website that harm your keyword rankings as well as your website traffic. You need to make sure that there are none of such errors in your website.

Some of those errors are: Broken Links, Incorrect Redirects, Duplicate Pages, Missing Titles, Missing Meta Descriptions, etc. Some of the tools that will perform site audit on your website are:

Screaming Frog.

This is usually our go-to tool for performing initial site audits. This is one of the best technical SEO tools. You can learn more about this tool from their website. Watch their official video. Screaming Frog SEO Spider – Version 15


This is yet another powerful all-in-one marketing tool. You can create an account with SEmrush and add your website as a project to do the audit. It will check your website and alert you about all the SEO issues. It will also guide you on how to resolve each issue. Check their website and learn more about Semrush SEO tools. Semrush

There are many other tools but we believe these two tools should be enough for you.

2. Keyword Ranking Monitoring

This is an important aspect of any SEO campaign. Tracking the ranking of your website keywords is important as it helps you gauge your SEO performance and checks whether your SEO efforts are working on not.

Tracking the keywords also help you check the effectiveness of different SEO strategies that you might use. Some of the tools you can use to check your keyword rankings are:


As said, Semrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that also helps you track your keyword rankings. It is one of the accurate website positioning tools.


Ahrefs is another popular all in one marketing tool which also helps you track your keyword rankings. Check Ahrefs website: Ahrefs

3. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis means keeping track of your competitors and what they are doing to rank higher than you do. It includes checking the keywords they are rankings for, their traffic, their content and website design.

To do competitor analysis, you can use above mentioned tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs.

4. Website Speed Analysis

As said, a website needs to be fast. To perform the speed analysis of your website means to check which elements are making your website heavy, where can you improve and how the website performs under different circumstances. Here are a few SEO tools that help you perform a speed analysis of your website.

GT Matrix

This is a comprehensive speed analysis tool. Check this out

Google Page Speed Insights

This one is from Google. It gives you a score of how well your website performs on a scale of 100. It also shows you areas where you can improve your website. Check Page Speed Insights

5. Mobile Usability of Website.

The world is now on a smartphone and you need to make sure your website performs well on a mobile device. Here is one tool which will help you check your mobile performance.

Mobile Friendly Test From Google

This one is from Google itself that helps you check your mobile performance and also shows you where you can improve your mobile performance. Check mobile-friendly test from Google.

6. Backlink Checker

As said, backlinks are important for SEO growth. Sometimes, you may need to check all of your backlinks, or your competitor’s backlinks and in that case, you need a tool that can show you all the backlink data. Here are some tools which will help you do that.


Moz is another very popular all in one marketing tool. It includes various features and one of them is backlinks checker. Try out Moz


While Ahrefs has been mentioned earlier, their backlinks checker tool is quite advanced. Check that out.


In SEO, there are tools for pretty much every task. Before starting some routine task in SEO, try to search for a tool for that. Finally, here is an infographic that shows you tool in every category. 

At last, there are some official tools provided by Google that you will use on a daily basis for your SEO work. Search Console and Google Analytics are some of those. Such tools require separate guides and next, we will walk through and learn those tools.

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