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Does UX Impact SEO

User engagement is crucial when it comes to SEO. If your website is not engaging enough then your user might end up leaving the website immediately which increases your bounce rate.

Having a high bounce rate negatively impacts your SEO performance.

This is the reason why website UI/UX is important and why you need to follow best UX SEO best practices. You need to make sure your website has a good UI and UX otherwise your engagement rate, as well as conversion rate, will drop. In this guide, let’s learn how you can utilize UI and UX for your website’s SEO growth.

Brand Consistency

Website UX helps you maintain brand consistency.

This includes consistent brand colours, design elements and much more.

Having a constant brand feel across multiple marketing channels such as websites and social media is called omnichannel marketing. The customer recognises your brand the way you set up things.

If you want to have a good user experience, you have to have constant brand consistency across your website.

This brand theme must be replicated within your web pages also. A user should not feel the change in the brand when they hop from one page to another.

Mobile-Friendly – Responsive Websites

This has already been discussed in the previous guide. Having a responsive website is an important element of website UX.

Mobile-friendly websites are also one of the confirmed ranking factors from Google. So, if you are creating a mobile-friendly website for SEO and UX, you are also optimising for the Google rankings.

It is recommended to have a responsive website rather than a separate website design for mobile screens.

Website Call-To-Actions (CTA)

Call to action (CTAs) are elements that prompt users to take some kind of action. This may include a phone number, a form, a text prompting the user to take action or anything else.

CTA are important to improve your conversion rate and also improve your website engagement rate. 

We recommended putting the Call To Action element at the top of the website page.

The first section of a website that is visible to the user when the website loads is called the first view.

So what we are saying is that your CTA should be in the first view of your website.

Social Proof

A random user who lands on your website knows nothing about you.

They don’t know if you are a credible business or not. Therefore it becomes important to put social proof on the website. 

Social proof may include your customers’ testimonials, reviews, ratings etc. If you have such things then you must use them to your benefit.

If you have already done business and have some case studies, show them off too.

This is the only way you can tell a random user that you are an expert at what you claim to do on your website.


This is the third thing you should mention on your website. Talk about the benefits you will provide to your customer.

There are already many online businesses in the world that provide the same services as you do, so why should anyone go with your offer? That’s why talking about the benefits you will provide is helpful. It helps you stand apart from the rest of your competitors.

For this, you need to ask your UI/UX designer to include some section in your website where you can talk about your benefits.

Maybe this can be a pure design element that can be animation in nature or you can simply put a text element. It all depends on your overall website design.

Distinctive Design

Your website design is the most important element of your website.

You need to make sure it stands apart from the rest of your competitors. Don’t copy paste design, it is not likely going to help you in the long term.

Your website design should incorporate all of the things discussed above i.e; CTA, Social Proof, Benefits.

Also, the design should have a provision to create interlinking among the pages. Maybe you will use your footer to achieve that or you can simply utilize your menu.

So this way you can layout your website elements and improve your SEO and UX. These things are valid for even landing pages as these things improve conversion rate.

Let’s move to the next guide where we will talk about E-A-T and brand reputation and how that helps with SEO growth.

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